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What I love about Seamless Skin M.D. is that these are real women, working with real people, with real concerns. Whether you are looking for prevention or a full facelift, these ladies take you under their wing and make you feel amazing.

— R. Coburn

The sweetest staff, great results and all around fun! I feel so safe being under Dr. Woods highly trained eye. It honestly feels like a girls trip to hang out with some amazing ladies and I walk out feeling confident and beautiful on the inside and OUT! Even my teenage son is beginning to love taking care of his skin. Thanks Seamless Skin!!

— Mandie Szantho

When you are talking about your skin, you opt for the best. Seamless Skin M.D. has always made me happy and never done more than what looks gorgeous and natural. That’s what you want, people who really know what they are doing.

— S.Peach

I want people to look at me, and try and guess what I have had done because I look so good. I don’t want it to be obvious. Everyone at Seamless Skin M.D. always exceeds my expectations. I have had families and friends asking me for years what my beauty secret is.

— C. Ferguson

I really should start a skincare/plastics blog, because I have tried everything here in the land of Enchantment and from coast to coast--but until now, nothing super positive to share. You need an MD to do your work, and unless you have one in the family, these days you are unlikely to get the serious MD time you need to make the work look good. At Seamless Skin MD, Dr. Deb is highly trained and she takes the time to do fantastic work.


Skin threading is the future of skin treatment. It works! And you will love Dr. Deb and the menu of effective procedures and products. Most of all. RESULTS. That’s what we need without major surgery, hideous pain, lengthy recovery and fake superglue like effects. I recommend this clinic completely. You will thank me.


My doctor had been recommending colonics for almost a year before I finally got the courage to make an appointment. Of course I did my research and Amy’s name came up time and time again. She immediately made me comfortable, talked me through each moment, and took so much care with me that I totally forgot I had ever been worried. Now I go every week and I am finally getting the health results I needed. Thank you Amy.


If you want to feel pampered, have skin that radiates beauty, and feel like a queen, go to Kimberly. Seeing her once a week is better than therapy and no one can believe I have never had any work done on my face. But if you find the right person, who has products that actually work, and you do preventative services, you really can keep them guessing at your age.


I have been seeing Wendy for over 10 years. She has such a steady hand and never rushes our appointment. I hope I can keep going to her for another 10 years.


I am so thankful to have found Seamless Skin M.D. After years of hopping from one Medi-Spa to another, I finally found a M.D. who does the work herself, and never puts too much botox or filler in my face. There is nothing worse than that horrible fake bloated look you can spot a mile away. Thanks ladies, you are amazing.


If you want honest, caring, ethical feedback and services, go to Seamless Skin M.D. The ladies at Seamless Skin care about developing trusting, long-term relationships with their patients. You can’t have a long term relationship in this field if your work isn’t top notch.


I got to a point where I wanted help with my skin. Facials felt amazing but it wasn’t helping my brown spots or my general aged appearance. It took me forever to find a place that felt comfortable and met my high expectations. From the first moment I walked into Seamless Skin, I felt like I had entered a spa, light, beautiful and serene. I felt pampered, like I am in an elite group of people who have found the best Medical Aesthetics Practice in Santa Fe.


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