Chemical Peels in Santa Fe, NM

Achieve Beautiful Skin with Chemical Peels in Santa Fe 

Wouldn’t you love to have perfect skin? Many people of various ages struggle with skin problems including fine lines, acne, and wrinkles that plague them on a daily basis. Having confidence issues because of your skin can negatively impact your social interactions. 

Skin conditions like acne and discoloration are even more frustrating after puberty. While there are over-the-counter solutions for mild skin conditions, there’s a more effective treatment option called chemical peels that many people are leaning toward. If you find yourself searching for chemical peels near me and live in New Mexico, a visit to Seamless Skin M.D. is worth your time. 

What Happens During a Chemical Peel? 

First-time patients looking for a chemical peel near me may be unsure what to expect during their first visit. Understanding the process may help put you at ease. During your consultation, our doctor, Deb Woods, M.D., will discuss your ideal chemical peel option based on your specific needs. Each treatment suits a specific problem area and you’ll have the perfect solution before starting your procedure. 

Chemical treatments are nonsurgical, so you won’t have as much downtime as you would with more invasive skin procedures. Depending on which chemical is best for your skin, Dr. Woods will apply the solution to your problem area. The chemicals gradually destroy the damaged layers of skin until they peel off. Once they’re gone, you’re left with a layer of beautiful, younger skin. 

Your skin may take a week or two to actually peel with minor lingering redness. Certain weather conditions and activities increase the time it takes to heal. For instance, hotter climates as well as activities that make you sweat increase the time it takes to get rid of excess redness. 

You’ll likely need more than one treatment to get your desired results. So, don't be discouraged if you don't achieve all the results you wish for after your first session. 

Finding Chemical Peels Near Me

If you’re in the Santa Fe or the surrounding areas and interested in this procedure, having your services performed by Seamless Skin is ideal. Our professional team strives to get you the results you want with a great turnaround time. We will handle you with care from your initial consultation to your final peel session. 

Problem skin affects everyone both physically and emotionally. You can achieve the skin you’ve dreamed of for years. Contact us at Seamless Skin and set up a consultation.