Skin Resurfacing in Santa Fe, NM

Skin Resurfacing Services in Santa Fe, NM

Are you interested in having a more youthful complexion and a restored glow? If so, consider taking advantage of our skin rejuvenation services at Seamless Skin M.D. At our office in Santa Fe, we treat a variety of clients from the community. They all have different backgrounds but share one thing in common, and that's the desire to improve their appearance. 

Skin Resurfacing Near Me

You can turn to Seamless Skin M.D. if you've been looking for skin resurfacing near me. Dr. Deb Woods, MD, who was first trained as an anesthesiologist, transitioned from her role in the hospital to lead our boutique medical spa. She and the rest of our team are friendly, knowledgeable, and highly skilled. She'll be ready to customize a plan that works for you, using minimally invasive methods to maximize your natural beauty. The following concerns can be addressed:

How Does Skin Resurfacing Work?

To provide skin rejuvenation services, we take advantage of advancements in the medical field. The goals of these treatments are to erase complexion imperfections, tighten and tone, and erase any signs of aging or sun damage. There are two main non-surgical approaches to this work, and they're called NeoGen Plasma Skin Resurfacing (PSR) and Renuvion.

NeoGen PSR uses nitrogen gas, which is converted into plasma energy, to penetrate the levels of the dermis. In doing so, it stimulates collagen production and elastin production, and as a result, you'll have a lifted appearance. Dr. Woods will use a handheld device that sends out energy in controlled pulses. The whole structure of your skin will be treated, and as your epidermis sheds, more youthful and healthier skin will be revealed. NeoGen is fully customizable so Dr. Woods can customize the procedure for you.

Renuvion by Apyx uses helium plasma and radio frequency energy. The energy is used to heat collagen and other structures in order to optimize tissue contraction. The deeper layers of your skin are tightened while the top layer is remodeled. Your skin will seem lifted and look much smoother. The healing and cooling only take less than a second, so you can see why this procedure is so patient-friendly. Since Renuvion encourages collagen development over time, your complexion can continue to improve several months after an appointment.

Schedule Skin Rejuvenation Services

At Seamless Skin M.D., we'd be happy to work closely with you to enhance the look and feel of your skin. If you've been looking for skin resurfacing near me, please call our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Woods.